Abdera Xanthi

Agia Parskevi Church

The present church of Agia Paraskevi rebuilt as we inform the proprietary marking is high on the outer wall of the stent in the year 1845. The oldest temple would be destroyed by the powerful earthquake in the year 1829 and the Metropolitan of Xanthi Peritheorion Naples and Eugene (1831-1848) undertook to rebuild, and most of the old temples and monasteries Xanthi region.É.Í. Áãßáò ÐáñáóêåõÞò ÁâäÞñùíThe church is from an architectural point of view a typical basilica with a nave wider and narrower side. East leads to a semicircular alcove. This wood has a women schiphoto20.jpgma resembling the letter S in the Greek alphabet. The current stent should be added later. It seems, however, know the year of its construction. In any case, built after the rebuilding of the temple in the year 1845 by Bishop Eugenics. The tower is built a few years after the rebuilding of the church, namely the year 1874, informs us as the inscription on the west side.

In the temple frescoes have survived in the eastern wall of the sanctuary and the north and south wall. The wooden reredos is simple and decorated with folk art floral motifs. These images date from the 19th and 20th centuries, some of them are likely to be and older. Interestingly, the most treasured and miraculous icon of St Paraskevi, which has numerous tributes from iaseis faithful and elaborate silver filigree decoration on the top of the image.